Three Ways to Dress Warm for Winter Mornings


Winter mornings make it hard to get moving and get out of the door to head to a yoga class, even for the most dedicated yogi. With the extra chill in the air and the dropping temperatures, finding the right outfit to keep you warm while heading to class is crucial. Being overly exposed to the cold can lead to unnecessary illness and injury. Both of these items take away from your ability to maintain your practice and to enjoy your daily life.

What should you start wearing to better prepare for those icy mornings that winter is sure to bring?



Find A Great Blanket Wrap 

A blanket wrap is an ideal option for a yogi who just doesn’t want to roll out of bed on a winter morning. It allows you to dress however you would like to underneath while enjoying the luxurious feel of a soft blanket while on the go. Look for thick and warm fabrics such as fleece or wool to give you the same degree of warmth and comfort that you had in your bed this morning.

These are also multi-functional, allowing yogis to cover up and keep warm in their final resting pose, savasana. Yogis typically find their core body temperature dropping lower than usual towards the end of their practice during the winter. A blanket wrap is a quick addition to make up for that loss.

Consider wraps in simple neutrals such as sandy beiges or charcoal greys. It allows you the maximum number of outfits that can pair with this essential piece of winter yoga wear.


Get Some Leg Warmers:

If your regular yoga practice builds lots of heat, you may not be quite ready to retire your yoga capris for the season yet. Instead of dressing in yoga pants or full-length yoga leggings, consider keeping the yoga capris and adding a pair of leg warmers. These can easily be slipped off once you enter the yoga studio. This one simple piece allows you to extend the lifespan of the items already in your closet and modify them for the winter.

Most leg warmers will match a pair of solid black yoga leggings, so consider adding fun colors for the winter. Look for ice blues, lime greens, and other pops of color to add some brightness to a drab winter morning.


Insulate Your Feet: 

Much of our body heat is lost through the outermost extremities, perhaps most notably our feet. In the yoga studio, yogis are urged to practice barefoot to create a sacred and sanitary space for all of the classmates. However, winter could be a great time to try out the increasingly popular yoga socks. It allows you to practice in the same way you always do but offers the opportunity for a few extra degrees of warmth.


Look for thick fabrics with excellent rubber grips on the bottom to keep your toes warm throughout the practice. A great pair of yoga socks can assist you in standing firm in each one of your asanas and to help keep your mind off of the cold.

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